Thought we were just the very best in custom designed diamond engagement rings and unique wedding bands? Julz by Alan Rodriguez is known for their fashion jewelry and amazing one-of-a-kind statement jewelry rings, necklaces and bracelets that now one else has. That’s why we are the destination for the perfect gift of jewelry for those you love. We have full time certified bench jewelers to create, size and repair your precious jewelry and full time jewelry designers to create and re-design pieces you already cherish. With the sad news of Gasser Jewelers’ recent demise, we welcome their clients to the “Julz experience” and are happy to provide the exceptional service of jewelry repairs, appraisals and unique design.

Watch Repairs and Sales

Did you know that not only do we sell some of the most prestigious watch brands, we also offer repair and servicing for brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Baume Mercier, Patek Philippe, Cyma, Tag Heuer, Tissot and others? Alan is a watch aficionado and owns a wide range of high end watches and is able to show you most every watch brand you would be interested in. From simple battery and watch band replacement to servicing and complete overhaul of your timepiece, when it’s just too important to trust anyone else, Julz by Alan Rodriguez is in downtown, Canton Ohio in Stark County

Caring for your Jewelry

Julz Stark County's Place to get EngagedJulz by Alan Rodriguez in downtown Canton, Ohio has been a leader in caring for and repairing jewelry in the Stark county area. We offer complimentary cleaning and inspection for your jewelry. When wearing fine jewelry and gemstones, be aware that activity that subjects fine jewelry and gemstones to sharp blows may cause damage. Diamonds are also susceptible to damage from an impact, which may cause them to chip or crack. We suggest you remove your jewelry, especially rings, before doing household chores, gardening, playing sports or other activities and placing them in a true remembered safe place, not a pocket or hiding place.

Always apply hair spray, lotions or perfumes before you put on jewelry. The ingredients in these products may cause damage, especially pearls.. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove skin oils and salts. Remove jewelry before entering a tanning booth.

Few watches are waterproof, though many are water resistent. If moisture or dust has penetrated the case of your watch, have it check only by an authorized technician. Attempts by an untrained repair person may seriously damage the watch and invalidate factory warranties.

Julz by Alan Rodriguez provides cleaning as a free service to their customers along with complimentary check-ups to be certain the gemstones are secure and safe in their settings. Regular, complimentary, cleaning of your fine jewelry and gemstones is recommended. At home, check with the staff of Julz before using any jewelry cleaning products. Chemicals in some cleaning products can damage certain gems, pearls, sterling silver, lapis, coral and other gems and jewelry. We don’t recommend home ultrasonic cleaners as their heat and chemicals can damage jewelry. Plus, we check your prongs and stones each time we clean you jewelry to make sure your settings and stones are secure. Don’t use paper towels or toothbrushes to clean your jewelry. They can scratch you stones and settings.