Diamonds make the world a better place – In 2003 Alan served on the board of Jewelers of America as a part of the initial task force to form what is now known as the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is designed to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the jewelry industry. Even after the Kimberley Process as been established, all over the world jewelers have been taking extra steps within the industry to ensure that their products remain ethical and foster fair trade. At Julz, we are proud to hold ourselves at this level of integrity with our merchandise!  “…diamonds are the ultimate symbol of authentic love and commitment. Because they are billion-year-old miracles of nature, diamonds have the magic to communicate sincerity and depth of emotion in a way that words often cannot. This power cannot be replicated, or simulated. It finds its source hundreds of miles underneath the Earth’s mantle, and it is as old as time itself.”

More information can be found at Diamonds Make the World a Better Place


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